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In a Twitter about microblogging

twitter.jpgFad or anoying distraction? I’m still considering its uses, but it seems microblogging is upon us and hear to stay…at least for awhile.

Micro-blogging is a process that enables you to write brief text updates about your life on the go, and send them to friends, associates and interested observers via text messaging, instant messaging, email or the web. For example, “I just wrote a new blog, isn’t that exciting?”.  Well, without being too cynical, the idea is that you can create a ” persistent presence”  and keep a core group of people informed about your current activities.

There seems to be two camps at present – those who see it as a breakthrough form of communication and those who think it will end up an annoying distraction and navel-gazing activity.

I can see some potential uses in the learning space during a real-time activity where you need to keep learners linked and collaborating. Although, it may be far easier just to phone each other!

The leading  application at present is called “Twitter”.  When you send a mobile text to the Twitter site,  it sends it out to your group of friends and posts it to your Twitter page. They can check your update on their phone or via your Twitter page.  Likewise, you receive your friends’ mobile updates on your phone.

For further information, you might like to check out their blog.

Simon Oaten
Learning Dynamics