Where is e-learning heading and how can you develop e-learning that truly engages, motivates and inspires your people? Evolve covers the shifts that we will see in e-learning in the coming years, the challenges we will face as designers, and the tools and technologies that will shape our learning experiences. 

Each month, we look at current issues and offer informative and practical ideas to use in your business. We don’t claim to know all the answers… or even what all the questions are!  But, we’ll certainly take a close look at the stuff that matters most in creating great online learning.


Simon OatenLearning Dynamics 

Simon is an e-learning specialist in the areas of strategy, implementation, usability and instructional design. Over the past decade, Simon has completed a range of training projects in leadership, sales and customer service for a range of leading Australian companies. 

Lisa VincentSavv-e

Lisa is a leader in the Australian e-learning industry. She is a highly experienced project manager/director and instructional designer, having successfully managed, designed and implemented over 100 elearning and technology based learning projects for a variety of corporate and government clients.

 Lisa co-founded Savv-e, one of Australasia’s leading elearning businesses, carefully gearing Savv-e’s capability to meet trends in the business environment and in online learning.


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